Thursday, February 16, 2012

Take 2 for the Director's Chair

Recently a new seating obsession hit..i'm not sure why or exactly when, but it happened.  Right now, for me, it's all about the director's chair.  I'm not thinking of the Pier 1 staple made overly popular in the 90's.  However, what I love is a new take on the director's chair that I love!  Here are the details i'm diggn' at the moment:

  • -Leather and/or other hyde-type materials on the seat and back strap
  • -Thicker wood framing with metal details ..or..
  • -Mostly Metal framing instead of some Wood (or with some wood details)
  • -These chairs for use at a dining table, desk, or accent seating in a family room or living room

Also, it should be noted that the new versions of the director's chair are not in the ultra affordable category like they once were...which means, their days of being synonymous in a bachelor pad or college dorm are over.  This seating has moved up in the world and are dressed for design success! --  This Pair will set you back $4,800 big ones!!  - - $800..for 1..

Ralph Lauren Home

They are as comfortable as they are casual, and extremely versatile.  I love a piece(s) that allows me to change the interior style of my home as often as I do, and works again and again in new ways!  I like to refer to these kind of pieces as 'Madonnas' know, since they reinvent themselves with the change of each new trend..much like the mega music star is known for....  Okay, so maybe it's only clever and makes sense to me! 
Using these chairs at a dining table, gives the set a very chic and effortless appeal, while still keeping it a bit formal if you want it to be.  Or go eclectic by mixing directors chairs with other styles into the table seating.  I rarely put all matching chairs around one table..the contrast of a different (more substantial) seat at each short end seems more 'designed' and balanced to me.  However, the exception could possible be made with the use of all director style chairs, as show here:

The classic club chair has reigned long enough in den, family room, lounges, etc around the world...I would like to declare the restyled director's chair as the new accent seating of choice, for such settings!

A lot of these new versions have cushy padding, so the comfort excuse can not be made!  Where there is not plushness however, there is beautifully worn leather which in my opinion is just as comfortable.  Something about well worn leather feels warm, soft, and familiar.  All you need it a good book and/or glass of wine, paired with a chair like that, and you have yourself a great little evening!

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