Thursday, July 28, 2011

Au Revoir!

"Merci, Robyn! This fabulous client is the proud new owner of "the Provincial" (details on this piece are described in the previous post - from 7/27/11).  She got a great deal on the dresser for being a Facebook follower. Don't miss out on the discounts..."Like" our La Dolce Villa biz page today and also get in on the 'A-List Alerts' action!! 'The Provincial sold in just under 2 full days, which happens with just about every piece...being on the list gives you the heads up of what's to come with FIRST opportunty to buy before it gets made available to the public. :)

Here's how to get the red carpet rolled out for you...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Dolce for your Villa!

Lets take a quick trip, shall we??  We're starting China, where we find this dresser/sideboard and decide to name it the "Shangri-chic"..since we're in Shangri La afterall :) 

 Who can deny the awesome hardware on this thing!  This is my favorite part, full of character and detail, havy looking, and a rare find.  The hardware is so unique and makes a statement in an of itself that I thought it would be best to do the redesign to accommodate it, not compete with it.  This piece was also a custom order for a client, Sara, who is in the process of staging her home to go on the market.  She needed to fill a big spot in her dining room, but also wanted a piece of furniture she could take with her to her next home and would fit in there as well.  Sara's style is warm/rustic and the hardware (chandalier) in the dining room is dark oil rubbed bronze.  So the 'Shangri-chic' was made to fit in with the scene there, but is also so versatile that it can fit with not only a variety of home color schemes, but styles as well.  It can be mountain luxe, tuscan cool, Asian persuasian, traditional, country... you get the point :).  Not to mention that it has multiple personalities, which in my biz is a BIG plus!  The "Shangri-Chic" works as well in a kitchen as it does in a bedroom, or anywhere else in the home or office.  So, umm... can you believe that Sara scored this hot piece for just...ahem.. $255! I know, right?!  Sara is a facebook follower (she selected "like" on our page LaDolceVilla) so she got the hook up and she will on every order after too!

 Okay, fasten your seatbelts!  We're heading to France!  In the French countryside, we stumble upon this lovely sight for sore eyes...

 "The Provincial" has been very well loved in a home where the wine is sweet and the crusty bread is perfect and warm.  It's been the centerpiece of many fabulous soirees.  It has royal roots, which is evident in the massive estate we rescued it from.  The curvacious feminine lines make many girls jealous, as does the sweet, but substantial demeanor it has.  Each drawer has an aged silver backplate, with french calligraphy scribed on them, indicated the drawer number one through nine.  I would be remiss if I didn't give some special attention to the detail on the dark staind top of this piece.  There you will find a handpainted design in various shades of silver, gold, and ivory. 

It's stylish while still being timeless, so the look of this piece will still be relevant years from now as the day you bring it home.  Also, there are NINE drawers on this one...whoa storage possibilities!  If the Provinicial were staying in my Dolce Villa, I would cram the drawers full of all the random stuff that is laying around that I need to hurry and hide before guests come over....and I would probably need all 9 drawers for that!  
"The Provincial" is for sale!  It can be you'rs for only $256 (that is a whopping, $29 OFF the regular price of $285, for just selecting "like" on our LaDolceVilla facebook page).  You don't have to be a FB follower to purchase, it's $285 for non-followers.  So, go get a touch of a tan and tell your friends you just returned from a vaca to France and you brought this piece back with you!   You're so Tres Chic!

To Purchase, Contact Us!

La Dolce Villa
Texts/Calls: (720) 315-3936
Facebook User: LaDolceVilla
Orders are on a first come/first serve basis.  Pick up (in Castle Rock) or Delivery for a $15 fee anywhere from Westminster to Monument (and everywhere in between).  Like this but want it slightly different?  We customize for no additional cost!  If your intrested in that or any other custom request, let's talk!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Top Five Flooring Faves - DIY Edition

In light of yesterday's post, where I showed you how I solved a flooring design dilemma with just $2, I decided to share with you some of my other fave ideas for DIY rugs.  Lucky for me, I still have a few more flooring faux pas I have to deal with before I allow company over, so you can bet I will be puting some (or all) of these to work.  When I do, i'll share the results and how to here with lots of pics!

First up, is this great DIY felt rug brought to you by

Tutorial Link:

Wool felt is amazing to work with and incredibly durable.  However, it's not the cheapest fab either.  Wool felt is different than your typical craft felt, which is an acrylic felt.  I can only find wool felt in quilt shops and occasionally in your chain fabric store like Jo-Anns.  The other great plus to the wool felt are the colors it comes in.  There are a lot of great shades, not your standard rainbow.  It's a natural fiber of course, therefore you can call yourself 'green'..'green'=enviromentally concious chic :)  I would imagine that acrylic felt would work if you used that stiff kind.  The regular acrylic wouldn't be a good option since you will get little 'peelies' all over it right away and it's just not as durable.

This next one would be fun for a kid's room or bathroom.  Lion Brand Yarn's DIY 'Grass' rug, via Craftzine!
Tutorial Link:

WARNING: This requires skill in knitting or crocheting..or your grandma/sweet old lady down the street.  Unfortunately,  I don't have any of these 'ingredients' available to me where I am currently livivng, so stay tuned for my hack tutorial on this one.  I have a few ideas in mind on how to achieve this same look minus the knitting skills I should have been tought as a child....

I am sooooo in love with this DIY via"Rope Twirl Rug"

Tutorial Link:

Ummm...HOLY CUTENESS!  Endless possibilities here.  I originally thought I would do this in either a square or round shape for my twin girls' room, but then I came up with another idea (not related to this one at all) that I will be doing there (more to come on that in another post).  But this would be fun to do in any kid space, or as a wall hanging, or even a table runner.  Customize the colors as you would like!

This is a MUST-DO for my Family Room or mabey the Living Room..from the DIY diva at

Dosn't this look so expensive?!  Trick your friends and neighbors into thinking you know about the hottest rug boutique in town and dropped some 'Benjamins" to get this rug-a-licious dream :)

This last one is so simple, 'Woodgrain Chic'..from ABeautifulMess:

I want to do this for my porch in fall and/or winter.  I might be thinking crazy here, but I sort of want to layer this on top of a rug made from green astroturf.....  hmm..would this be 'Retirement home chic' if I did the layering?...  that isn't exactly the look i'm going for (although my husband is 10 1/2 years older than me ;) )!

There you have it, my Top 5 Flooring Faves!  Which one is your favorite? 

Monday, July 18, 2011

To France and Back

I am so excited about the new Vintage Thomasville Buffet we are now offering for sale!  The shape/lines/details/finish on this baby are what furniture dreams are made of!  You do have dreams about furniture..right?  Maybe it's just me...

This piece has been pampered to perfection (as any Parisian should)!  The base color is an beautiful heirloom white, with a time-worn antiqued gray glaze. The top is a solid, rich and dark piece of wood, with gorgeous tones to it that slightly vary throughout.  And then there is the ultra chic and unique Parisian papers details, on both the right and left sides...

It's not just what's on the outside that counts here.. this is a very well made buffet (by Thomasville) and as such has a velvet lined drawer, with convenient dividers.  This spot would be the perfect storing space for your fine flatware, or your little pretties (jewlery) if you choose to display this piece in your master suite!  We didn't leave the other inside parts bare either, they are all painted to in our fave.. heirloom white. 

So.. You may think I am totally crazy, lost my mind, and should now go on "Vaca" to a mental place once you hear the price...

We're offering this at ONLY $240!  I know, right?!

PLUS We Give 15% off Automatically to any and ALL customers who are FB friends and 'likes' and follow our Blog (!  Not to mention all the furniture updates, first dibs, fab tips, and GIVEAWAYS GALORE!!!


The Details At a Glance about this Piece:

Measurements: 54" wide x 20" deep x 32" tall
* All hardware is original and in beautiful/perfect condition
*Top surface is dark wood stained giving it a stunning contrast and appeal
* Refinished by a professional Artisan - has an aged/antiqued french look, including distressed french paperwork details on both the right and left sides
* High grade protectant used on every part of this piece, allowing for easy clean-up/dusting, and protecting it from wear and tear. Will NOT yellow/discolor over the years.

If you Want it..Don't Wait!  Call/Text/E-mail/Post on my FB wall!

# 720.315.3936
Facebook: LaDolceVilla

A Fast Flooring Fix

I am less than loving (waaaaay less) the flooring in some of the area of our house.  Flooring usually isn't a super quick and cheap fix, but for me living with it, staring at it, not to mention being embarassed by it, isn't an option.  Unfortunately, replacing the flooring isn't either at this moment :( ..hate when that happens!  So.. since I have a tendency to get fixated on a 'plan B' that I can get excited about and solve the design delimma for now, I went to work researching for days on DIY rugs and flooring fixes.  If I were able to convince my husband of letting me (or him actually), rip out all the current flooring and do concrete throughout the main level, which I would paint a fun pattern on in some rooms and just solid paint a neutral color in other rooms, that would have been my first choice. ....No go there though..he didn't have the vision nor was it a task he was wanting to take on anytime within ..uh..century! :(  Here was my inspiration ideas of the concrete flooring:

With that not an option..I had to back-burner it for a while, but I couldn't get the floor painting idea out of my head.  It was something I really felt excited about and of course it would allow me the creative freedom to do the pattern of my choosing.  From there, I found myself roaming aimlessly through WalMart (kid-less of course)..I know I live such a GLAMOROUS life as a designer! Ha!  Don't be jealous ladies ;)!  I was gazing into the tossled abyss of clearance fabric when this bolt of thick/heavy woven upholstery (maybe?) stuff popped out (inbetween the purple leopard spandex and gold it really stood out like a sore thumb)!  It was a perfect shade of dark red, seemed indesturctable, and best of all it was only $2/yard!  Given that there was just barely over a yard left on the bolt, it was perfect in pratically every way for a floorcloth style area rug.  This would be the perfect solution for the wide open area in my kitchen that needed a flooring fix to cause a distraction of the more permanent floor situation there now...ugh.  Also, knew I would be able to paint the pattern on it I had decided I wanted to do.  I came home with my $2 in fabric and got started on the rug right away..because all I needed was another project in process...the rug would be project #5 in the works!  But I was excited about it and couldn't wait to get it on the floor in the kitchen.  It would hopefully disguize what will lye beneath it...  Luckily, I already had everything on hand I needed for this project, so I would spare myself at least 10 trips back to Home Depot (or "Home Dingbo" as my 5yr old calls it) for the items I would inevitably keep forgeting...

So this is how I made my rug:

1. The size of sale fabric I purchased was the exact size I needed for the area - meant to be? I think so! So, Yay! No measuring or trimming :)

2. I spread the fabric out, grabbed some painters tape, and taped out the pattern I wanted to create.  This was a bit time consuming because of the pattern style and rug size.  But it's totally fine since I had a quiet night, my fave shows on Bravo, and a glass (or 2..uhh..3 of wine) :)

3. Once the pattern was all taped out, I went back over each piece of tape, pressing it down really well to give it the added reinforcement it needed to (hopefully) prevent leaks underneath.

4. I covered an area of the kitchen floor with some plastic table cloths, put the fabric/rug on top of them, then rolled on the first coat of paint.  As you can see, it dosn't provide very much coverage, which in part was due to the roller I think. 

5. I didn't wait for the first coat to dry before I started the second coat.  This time I swtiched to a cheapie chip paint brush to really get the paint on the fabric well..using an (aggresive) dab and smear(?) technique (if you can even call that a technique!  I was surprised that the fabric didn't absorb a lot of the first coat of paint right away, given the type of fab and weave it is.  So that's good news :)

6. I avoided getting to close to the edges because I was going to be puting a ribbon border around it anyway and I was also running low on the paint so I didn't want to waste any where it didn't need it.

7. With the second coat of paint on (which I applied pretty carelessly, only making sure there wasn't any red showing through) - no need to try an be perfect on this since it's dosn't make a difference in the outcome, I waited no more than 5-10 minutes for it to kinda dry.  Then peeled off all the tape (a fave step in any taped painting job).

8. Finally, with the pattern revealed and the paint dry,  rolled on 2 coats of polycrylic.  I would have done 3, but of course I was running low on that too!  Also, i'm sure you could use polyurethane instead (polycrylic dosn't smell quite as neasiating and the urethane, so that's what I like to use).

9. Once the poly dried (it was pretty quick, I think only about 10-15 mins max), I put the grosgrain ribbon border on with my BFF tool..a glue gun!  Yep, that's right..NEVER underestimate the power of the glue gun..seriously.  I covered the back of each section of ribbon in glue in a zig-zag type pattern.  PS: i've used A LOT of hot glue in my lifetime, from just about every retailer that sells it.  I've found that the best glue gun sticks (by far) are from your trusty 'ol WalMart...which also means they are the cheapest :)  You could probably assemble a vehicle with that glue and have it hold together as well as a Honda!

10. LAST STEP!  I cut some strips of that no slip rug backing stuff (the rubbery woven kind)..also super cheap and WalMart for a roll.. Hot glued these strips on the backside of the rug around the edges, as well as a few random bits in the middle of the back.  Then I flipped the rug over and Voila! A great area floorcloth for one $2!!!!!

NOTE:  The poly protectant on the rug makes clean up super easy (otherwise this project and rug WOULD NOT be for me)!  I think the paint on it also helps with that.  You can sweet and spot mop it AND wash in in the washer on a medium or gentle cycle.  Hang dry it. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

!SALE! on The Atlantis Armoire!! $70 PRICE REDUCTION!!!!!

With new pieces coming available and a small space to work with, we need to get a few pieces to move FAST to make way for more!  This makes for a FANTASTIC deal on the brand new 'Atlantis Armoire'! 

I've just dropped the price from $285 to $215!!!  Save $70 instantly! 

I'm usually not this crazy in price take advantage this weekend :)

It's made of real and solid dark wood, has two shelves inside as well as a large open area beneath the shelves for ample storage.  In addition to the interior storage, there are 2 long pull out drawers in the front of this hutch. 
*Delivery is available for locations between Downtown Denver and Monument, for a small fee of $15.  Otherwise pick up is preferrable, we're located in Castle Rock.  Please call/text/e-mail/or Facebook with any questions! (Contact information provided below)

Phone for calls and Texts: (720)315-3936
E-Mail: or here through this blog
Facebook name: LaDolceVilla

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gallery of Gallery Walls

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am obsessed with gallery walls....  Whew!  That sure feels good to get off my chest!  I just finished 2 gallery walls in my home over the last couple days.  However, now I really can't stop looking at the rest of the walls in my house without irrisistable configurations of frames and collections of cutesy crap coming to mind that I just HAAAAVE to put up!  First it was my patterened wall obsession, which currently occupies a few walls, I forced myself to stop while I was ahead there... but now it's the galleries....ugh! Seems like such a waste to let great wall ideas go unused when there are so many other walls that need some love :( 
Below are my 2 galleries..and if your wondering what exactly I am framing or displaying on the TV wall gallery, well.. there were pics in those frames while I had them all layed out on the floor when I put the design plan together.  Then my twins locked me out of the house and in the 45 mins or so it took me to figure out a way to get back in, they had dismantled the frames, removed the photos, tore them to shreds, then ran around the house with the mattings around their wastes pretending they were swimming intertubes....  I appreciate their creativity and way they also like to repurpose things ;)

At what point is enough really enough?  I know everyone's taste is different, styles vary widely, clutter is in the eye of the beholder ;)...  I love the idea of random things throughout a space that catch the eye and are visually interesting, but I am afraid of taking that idea and going way too far with it.  The eye-catching conversation piece would be more "pieces" rather than a singular item, and it would be more of an 'eye assault' than eye catching, and 'shouting' instead of conversation over the piece(s).  I can't let this happen, it would be total design tragety and my neighbors would be calling the producers of Hoarders.  So for now, i've started and stopped with these two gallery walls.  But I still have a whole second floor of the home to go!  I'm thinking I could probably get away with one up there (maybe in the bedroom hallway???) since by the time you get upstairs you may have already forgotten what you saw downstairs, so a third gallery wouldn't seem at all like over kill..right?  This is probably the "bargaining" stage of my denial and addiction to wall design :( 
How many gallery walls do you have in your home, or how many would you like to have?  Do you have any self-imposed rules or limitations to when enough wall stuff is enough?  I would LOOOOVE to hear from you on this!  Please feel free to comment here or join me on Facebook (LaDolceVilla is my user name) and post on my wall about this :)  Thanks in advance for your help, support, and opinions on this habbit I have within my little habitat here....

Monday, July 11, 2011

At Last! ..The Atlantis Armoire has Arrived!

A couple posts ago I talked about my inspiration for an upcoming piece of furniture.  This was the 'Inspiration Board" I created to design the look around:

This board has gone from an idea and collection of pictures, somewhat inspired by what I like to call "rusty gold", and the irrisistable color attraction I have to all shades of this awesome multi-purpose armoire/hutch:

In my mind, all pieces of furniture have personality, or at least they should... so I like to give them descriptive names to reflect their style. According to legend, "Atlantis" was an island in the Atlantic ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake. It's also used as a word to describe a fictitious, mythical, or imaginary place.  Both meanings/theories on the word seemed very appropriate to the aesthetical feel this piece has.  The shade of teal is reminiscent of the color of warm beach water, not any beach of course, one so perfect that it could only be in an imaginary place :)  I imagine that this hutch probably held treasures, hiding them for centuries..which is probably why there are very subtle copper/gold metallic undertones which barely peek through the wood and teal tone that the weather wore away. 

Now, lucky for you (if you live in Colorado) this piece itself has become the treasure and would be the perfect conversation piece to make a statement anywhere in your home!  It's a verstaile accent piece, which at 38.5" wide, 20.5" deep, and 43" tall, is large enough in size to serve many purposes throughout your space. 

The Atlantis Armoire is for sale for $285. 
It's made of real and solid dark wood, has two shelves inside as well as a large open area beneath the shelves for ample storage.  In addition to the interior storage, there are 2 long pull out drawers in the front of this hutch. 
*Delivery is available for locations between Downtown Denver and Monument, for a small fee of $15.  Otherwise pick up is preferrable, we're located in Castle Rock.  Please call/text/e-mail/or Facebook with any questions! (Contact information provided below)

Phone for calls and Texts: (720)315-3936
E-Mail: or here through this blog
Facebook name: LaDolceVilla

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Inspiration

I have had furniture hunting fortune lately and as a result have a work space completely stocked with vintage case goods ready for re-do's and their BIG debuts!  I often times get inspired just by looking at each piece as to what I would like them to become, but what's a girl to do with so many perfect pieces and endless thoughts of design possibilities and not knowing where to start but wanting to start RIGHT NOW!!??  This is where I was at mentally last week.. but being a creative left-brainer, I of course didn't consider organizing these thoughts/ideas into neat little design I should have.  Being super excited to jump right in with some fancy new paint I had purchased recently and the first idea that was in the forefront of my imagination, I through all caution and responsibility to the wind and went right for it!   ...Bad I quickly learned. The nagging annoying phrase that I heard WAY too much all through my childhood, "if the fail to plan, you plan to fail", reared it's ugly head right at the same time frustration set in.  Ugh!  Of course!  So I stood there in the hangover of so many great ideas, with paint splattered about, new gym shorts destroyed as part of the collateral damage, and that annoying phrase swirling around in my head like a marque...where my fabulous visions of beautiful/impeccable furniture finishes once were.  Then I went back inside my house and started to work more on the 4 different design projects-in-process I have going on that were at least going right!  All this by the way drives my husband nuts, it's for sure design OD, but for me works really well when I need a distraction from a design disaster I just created!  Here is what I did acctually end up accomplishing that day:

Anyway, back to the aformentioned furniture fail... I decided it was time to do what I know I should have done and I got to planning it out really well this time so that not only would I not ruin a second run at the same piece, but maybe it would turn out to be one of my best yet!  I selected a different look and finish that I had thought of before, but chose against it the first time.  With it fresh on my brain and picking up creative and colorful momentum, I put this visual design plan together:  (my version of planning since at least it's pretty!)

All of this will more or less come together to give the armoire/hutch a new..but older looking.. life.  You'll have to wait a few days for the results, but I'm so excited to share!  Stay tuned to see how this pictured board translates into an amazing piece of furniture!