Photo Gallery

Below is a sampling of  a few past projects we've done as custom work for some fabulous customers, as well as designs we pulled straight from our imagination and painted out on some pieces we had on hand!  All artwork for any piece we do (custom for customers or pre-made for sale) is 100% genuine and authentic.  We go old school on this stuff when it comes to the designs, just paint and other like-products to do the work, no stencils, vinyl, or other artificial artistry!  Also, you know when you get a La Dolce Villa piece or finish in your home (cabinets, walls, etc) you're getting MORE than you pay for, (good thing we LOVE what we do).  We protect our furniture with more clear coat finish than is probably necessary so it can stand up to the roudiest kids or adults!  We would hate to disappoint, so we make sure you're more than happy with what you get.  If you have to live with it, we want you to love it! 

Have a crazy idea in mind you would like to see come to life in your home?  We're not afraid, so you don't be to ask us!


Farmhouse Table w/Drawer