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We're probably a lot like you, we want it all..right now..but don't really want to pay the huge cost.  I mean a girl still needs to be able to buy shoes..oh yeah and eat.  Well, problem solved!    We're your go-to girls to get the job done and make sure you stay on (actually under)'s chic on the cheap (but without looking like it)!  You'll look like a glamorous genius to your friends, neighbors, and everyone else you invite over to show off your new digs!  And we won't overstay our welcome and take an annoying amount of your time..we're in, we're out, and then there you are with your fabulous new space (even if it is just one piece of re-vamped awesomeness - a little willl go a long way)!

Okay, so we want to let you know that we welcome good gossip about us..go ahead and talk about us to everyone you know behind our backs!  Not only do we encourage it, but we reward you for it as well!  Every referral you send our way, we give you a 20% discount off any service or product price!  We love a good deal too, so everyone wins with this one.  You can use the 20% whenever, we're not going to set a timer or anything.  In fact, you can save them up and add them together (up to 100%, or $50 of value).  So many options..we're like the Baskin and Robbins of Furniture and Interior deals.

Dial us up!  We're best reached through e-mail or text messaging, but we'll take your phone calls too (it's always fun to talk to people)!