Friday, March 23, 2012

Design Inspiration: Serving Up Style!

If you’ve only seen a bar cart while lounging poolside sipping an umbrella-donned mai tai, it’s about time to take another look! Bar carts, or beverage carts, can be a chic (and useful!) addition to your home’s interior.
Here are some ideas on how to bring this versatile look into your home.

At Your Service

Those who entertain might want to consider allowing their carts to stay mobile in the social spaces of their home. Your guests can help themselves to their favorite drink while you mingle and do your part as the host/hostess. And, an added bonus, a classic beverage cart is definitely a conversation piece!


Show Off Your ‘Poisons’

A bar cart can take the place another table in your living space. Instead of a normal end table, consider adding some character to your room and putting a bar cart in its place. A cart can make an otherwise cluttered-looking collection of bottles appear neat, organized, and (most importantly) ready when you need it!


Think Outside The Bottle!

Bar carts can be used for storing or displaying other items around your home. Whether it is your laptop and important work papers or a favorite collection of bottles or books - bar carts can put a new spin on any space!  One of my favorite ways to create interest in a room is to use anything. big or small, (furniture, small decor item, lighting, etc), in a way that it wasn't originally intended.  Bar carts make a stylish stide table that 'serve' as a multifunctional piece, consoles, entry tables, or even a portable desk..

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