Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Design Boards

One of my favorite parts of being an interior designer is putting together complete design plans for my clients.  I love letting my imagination and creativity run wild as I brainstorm ideas for the feel of the space and general style.  Taking into consideration the purpose, flow, functionality of the space, and pairing it together with the style of the client(s), their favorirte hues, and a flair specific to them, I begin organizing the difrerent elements to the room, into one cohesive plan that can be put into action without spending the mortgage money to make it all happen!  Not only is it inspiring/motivational to see it all come together on the screen, but I feel it truly give the client a sense of what I have in mind (at least the first option) for their space(s). 
We often share the boards on our Facebook fan and biz pages (click on 'fan' and 'biz' to be instantly directed to each of those FB pages..be sure to follow us too once you get there if you havn't already)!  This makes it easy for you to show some potential ideas with your friends and family, they often get excited about it for you as well! 
A lot of our followers really enjoy seeing what's coming down the pipeline for fellow clients, so we've decided to keep all the boards in one neat and tidy space both here on the La Dolce Villa Design blog and on our Facebook pages!  You can find this dedicated area above at the tab titled 'Client Design Boards', with the same as the title for the albums on each of our FB pages. 

So go ahead, take a looksie, share them with others, and come back often to see what new additions have been made!

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