Friday, April 29, 2011

Seeing the World Through Rose Color Lenses

I was born in San Francisco, CA in the early 80's.  My mom's Dr. was out of town when she went into labor, so the on-call Doctor delivered me and this Dr had a completely opposite style of my mom's ideal Dr.  So there she was in the delivery room on the table about to start pushing, when in walks the Dr who will be delivering me...who was a very 'lively' woman, dressed in a hot pink polyester track suit, rose tinted aviator sunglasses with rhinestone detailing, and bubblegum pink nail polish..then announces (as she's chomping on a wad of gum..which i'm sure was probably bubble-icious), "Somone put some 'tunes' on, this baby is almost out"!  A few seconds after the nurse 'pumped up the jams' I was welcomed into this world.  With my first sight being this completely eccentric, cotton candy piller of a woman...who by the way still had on her sunglasses...I believe this Dr contributed in part to my major affinity toward all things colorful (especially bright shades of pink), aestheticaly loud, and border-line garish.  But I thank her for this, because i'm sure this brief first encounter is now subconciously synonymous with the world as I know it and see it, (which is covered in a splattering of color, pattern, personality, and sparkle)! 
This delivery Dr didn't take life seriously, she was proud of who she was and comfortable enough in her own skin (and polyester clothing - which is only strange since it's such an itchy fabric), that regardless of the serious nature of her profession, she still showed up to work in full personality regalia!  The lesson learned is don't be afraid to be completely who you are and show it off.  Share this with others in how you express yourself in dress, speech, and especially living space.  Your home should reflect who you are, it should be reminiscent of your personality, your heritage, your experiences, family, and most of all your quirks.  If your living space exudes all these things, think of how much bigger a compliment it will be when someone walks into your home and says "I LOVE how you've decorated", because then they will also be completing the core of who YOU are.  Home is a safe place of comfort where you are completely comfortable to be who you are.  So make your surroundings comfortable to you too, which is best found when you turn your inside out.

This would be the room interpretation that best represents the delivery Dr:

A combination of these interiors sums me up:

Photo Credits: and Decor8

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