Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Walls DO Talk

What does your space say about you?  Is it telling the truth, a lie, or is it not talking at all?  A room dosn't need to be filled to the brim with knick-knacks to tell your story, in some cases the minimalistic simplicity of it will speak volumes.  Calm rooms with a muted or neutral color scheme and clean lines, that has a single item which may look out of place because of it's random eccentricity (but it's this piece that perfectly represents you), is so beautiful.  Rooms like these seem very chic to me and I am jealous of them.  Sometimes I wish I was a person that could live in a home like this because I love the aesthetic about it and the non-chaotic mindset it puts you in.  But I think after a short time the walls in that space would have to become padded for me since it would drive me crazy!  I kind of have visual ADD, I like to look at a lot of interesting things all at once, and then change everything after a short period of time so it dosn't grow stagnant to my eyes.  I feel like constantly rearranging and changing things up keeps me interested and the creative juices flowing.  But I can't help to think where my imagination would go if I were living in a more visually sterile enviroment.  My brain would have to fill in all the blank-ness for it's self, but it wouldn't be obstructed by the chaos.  Who knows, maybe I need chaos to create?

My home is my canvas and my inspiration board for design ideas and paintings I use on the pieces Haley and I sell.  Each new design comes from some random thing I saw somewhere that started a thought process, color exploration, history search, or just a positive feeling of creative energy.  Its often not even that random thing that gets portrayed in the art, it can be something that made me think of something else.   I run with it, use it on whatever furniture pieces we have on hand, add it to ones that began with the last idea and weren't quite finished.  Then once we tire of it, it's on to the next inspiration.  Thanks for riding our roller coaster :) !!

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