Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Double Duty Decorating: "Decantorating"

I am not to proud to admit that I have never really been the type of girl that has to have everything in it's place, constantly clean, or even really clean some of the time.  I do make up for lost time now and again and clean like a crazy person (or crazier person I guess), when I have guests coming over, mother in law in town, or need to get some frustration out (cleaning tends to be cathartic).   I've also come up with sneaky creative ways to make my decor work with the family messes so it can look nice while it's not so neat :)

But my favorite and most motivating reasons for cleaning are when I am about to re-decorate an area (or just finished it and want to see it in action), or if I have a fun new organizational decor-ish idea I want to start using ASAP!  This is exactly what spawned a pristine pantry, spice closet, laundry shelf, part of the refigerator, and a craft closet that was almost more beautiful than Mariah Carey's shoe closet..almost (I mean we're talking about a closet JUST FOR SHOES...lots and lots of them!).  

Once you start you won't stop, so the list of decantering items is almost endless!  Nobody really cares which brand of anything you buy and even the super value store brand of an item will look tres chic expensive in a decanter, and is so much prettier than the manufacturer's packaging.  I really like doing this since it turns the mundane/everyday items into something  marvelous.  You find yourself almost looking forward to using it...I guess I should now decanter Windex and toilet cleaner and I would have a white glove worthy home!