Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Think outside the Dresser

  Here at La Dolce Villa we believe in using typical furniture pieces in unconventional ways.  Why only use a table as a table?  Or, why only use a dresser as a dresser?  Amanda has made me obsessed with making furniture versatile..Pronounced vers-a-tile...not like Allen says "textile" in the Hangover 2 for those who have seen it! Amanda geniously used a regular kitchen table (painted La Dolce Villa style of course) as her desk for her computer, pens, and all the other stuff that piles there.  Such an ingenious idea to take something simple and cheap (my style) to use in another way.  Typically desks are big and bulky but a "recycled" kitchen table does just the trick.

love this table turned desk
Turn your desk.

  Another piece that is super versatile is the infamous dresser.  A dresser can be used as a buffet piece, a tv stand, an entry piece and the obvious...a dresser.  I recently "redunitured"  (you know what that is if you read one of our first blogs!) this dresser to use a my tv stand.  I absolutely LOVE it because it can hold everything a "regular" aka boring tv stand can hold.  It holds all my dvds in the middle door, which holds three small drawers, my blankets in 4 of the drawers and the last drawer holds remotes, my daughters portable dvd player and even my yoga block and strap. 


  When you are in the market for furniture don't only call La Dolce Villa in Utah or Colorado but think of other ways the piece could be used.  Look at the piece for its character, style (which if it's laking we can fix) and size.  Then decide where in your home it would fit and what else you could use if for.  Think outside the box dresser and dig into your creative furniture side.  La Dolce Villa: Furniture is our Canvas and your Space is the Frame. 


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