Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Paris with Love

the D'Amour Duo- Coffee and Side Table Set  -SOLD-
There has been a running theme in the furniture we've completed lately, which is French Provincial.  I absolutely adore this style, but I have to admit that this theme was not planned (as a 'creative' type person, organization is not really my forte..although i'm working on it ;) ).  The odd thing about the reacurrence of this look in our pieces is that I don't always have a lot of control of what vintage finds I am going to end up with for the next project..or the next 10 projects!  This element of my business also feeds into my protensity to not be organized.  So it's been a lot of fun to turn up with pieces of furniture that have a very french look in their 'primitive' conidition. 

I have an on-going design rolodex in my head of ideas within this look that I have finally been able to put to use.   It's been a well received style also..that's fun too :)  If you missed out on past french provincial pieces and you want one for your place, then should become part of the A-List Alerts (Link to that info here:  ), second..hold tight and be prepared, because there is more where that came from!  I can't make any guarantees on how many are to come over a certain period of time, but I can say for sure that there are 2 more dressers/buffets on their way within the next 7 days!  Each are different from eachother and slightly different from what's been offered over this past month.  

One of my favorite parts of doing this business is the element of unknown and the excitement that goes along with it.  Sometimes, even when I have several sad looking, dilapetated pieces hanging out waiting for a makeover, I have to wait for a little spark of inspiration before I can get to work on them (or even a little second of time..).  So even if I know what I have to work with, it can still be a surprise.  Othertimes, I am searching for the best of the best, old/worn furniture, that the dirtiest nooks and crannies of our country have hiding in them, I don't know what I will find, but when I find it I am instantly struck with inspiration for it!  What's to come, how it will look, and who will get to own and love it, is all part of the process, and is what makes it great!  I have nothing again mass produced wares, but I think they are best when paired with a piece(s) of true individuality, history, and maybe even a story.  If you're hosting a happy hour at your home and you have a piece like that on display, it's a great cure for slow converstation!

So stay tuned for what turns up and from what era or country it's reminisent of.  Although you may not have a lot of notice every time of what will be available, you will know FIRST if you are an  A-List Alert contact!

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