Monday, August 22, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!!

I started my business, La Dolce Villa Design, with one vision in mind..everyone deserves to enjoy quality, beauty, stylish, and durability in furniture and their interior environment. I really dislike limitations, people saying "it can't be done because...", "you can't have your cake and eat it to", etc...I've always thought, why can I have the cake, but not eat it?!..kind of torturous to give somebody something, or allow them have it or see what they could have, but not enjoy it or use it, right?! This is just not how life should be lived and I know it dosn't have to be. Your home, where you spend a lot of memorable, quality time, should feel great, be a retreat from the world, and should be visually appealing to you and everyone else who calls it home. So, in this case, let's call your home the 'cake'..there you go, you can have your cake..maybe it's a cute little cupcake, or maybe it's a 10-tier wedding cake..either way it's special and very delicious... BUT.. just look at it, don't even dare pick up the fork on the platter next to it and take even a single little bite..let alone a full slice! I'm sorry, but that just dosn't work for me..I am the girl at the party that nonchalantly sneaks behind the cake and swipes a glob of frosting off the back from the most inconspicuous place I can find! I truly HAVE to have my cake and eat it too, in every sense of the phrase! Which brings me to design...I love it and everything about it, it's the heaping mound of frosting on my cake (aka. home). The most cravable furnishings were at a 'ganache' kind of cost (in terms of frosting), but I needed them to be equivalent to a powdered suger kind of topping, price wise. It hasn't been available and wasn't going to be happening unless I figured out I did, with the start La Dolce Villa (The Sweet House -in Italian). We are here to give you the fork (maybe even a shovel), so you can thougroughly enjoy your cake!

The month of August has brought me the great fortune to be working with some of the best clients I could ever imagine! Each one of them have inspired my creativity with their personalities and style. They have made a job and business I love beyond measure, so much more rewarding. Two different clients I am currently working with have been living with dated design dilemmas. One of the most common compaints my clients have about their homes, is their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. It's dated, country-looking, ugly wood color, or covered in veneer. But they don't know what to do to resolve it without spending a few thousand on brand new cabinets, and it's just not in the budget for most people at this time..maybe in a year or so..but who wants to hate their kitchen for that long?!. Basically, they have their 'cake' that is there home, but they aren't alowed to eat it. Well, let's dig in people! There are soooo many options, from the simple to the extravagant, which I have designed to transform those cabinets in from an atrosity to fabulosity!

Based on the size of your kitchen, the cabinetry redesign base price is $450-$600. This includes full sanding, priming, painting/staining, any color you want or combination of colors up to 2 colors, commercial grade protectant. Also in the base is distressing if desired as well as an open shelving niche if you would like. See picture below for example.

Also offered are some great design add-ons to make some or all of your cabinets have that extra pop (and make your kitchen the neighborhood envy)!
I like to consider cabinets furniture in and of themselves. Not only are they important for storage (in my case, storage of random mail and other junk - embarassingly enough, I have 3 junk drawers in my kitchen), but it's imorant that you aren't embarassed of them any longer since they are right at eye level and consume a better part of the wallspace in the hub of the home. However, the TOP PRIORITY is not to spend too much money that you don't need to waste, to get to a place of love with your shelving, since you don't even have to!

- La Dolce Villa is the Cure for Your Common Cabinets -

{{Contact us today to schedule a totally free (and Fun!) design consultation. We can book an appointment with you during the same week you call, we even work nights and weekends. With current bookings we are on a 2 week waiting list to begin new jobs. Most kitchens are finished in less than a week. Time frame details will be discussed and set at the time of order.}}}

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