Thursday, September 15, 2011

*Bright Idea*

I love vintage garish things.  In fact I love them so much that I really have to limit the amount of them I purchase and put in my home.  There seems to be no end of finding these cool chotckie kinds of things when on the hunt for furniture pieces!  They often cause a major shopping dstracion, complete lack of focus, and huge waste of time...but who's to say that you are wasting time if you are doing something you love right?!  It drives the hubs nuts..actually beyond crazy!  Well, I'm not sure that this current obsession of mine i'm about to introduce to you would classify as 'garish' decor, but to some I believe it would (especially certain styles of it)!  But I LOVE the idea of marquee lights as another kind of function and FUN art piece in your home.  On 'American Pickers" (History Channel), they went picking at the Las Vegas 'Neon Boneyard', which is a 'graveyard' of sorts for all these vintage marquee lights...Ummm GOLDMINE! 

Vegas' Neon Boneyard
Unfortunately, a lot of these were far too large to really display in a regular home here in the burbs, but a girl can dream!  I would love to have this....

Okay, so all of the above would definitely be classified as garish...but I LOVE it {especially 'Glitter Gulch'}..sooo need this is an oversized incredible closet/changing room!!  However, to tone it down a bit and still have the fun and {sparkle} in your house, there are a few more appropritate (and attainable) options to go with. A single monogram is super chic, or short word, amperstand, etc.  Here are some examples I really like of this:

If you're not going to the Vegas and ready to drop some major benjamins on both the gambling and the neon boneyard signs, i've got some sensible options for you.  Urban Outfitters sells the super cute red monogram letters (Each letter in the alphabet is available) as showbn above for $179 a piece.  Definitely not a bad option!  However, if you are wanting to save a lot more money on it and have the creative freedom to make the marquee light of your choice, i've got a DIY instruction for you from Design Sponge!  This tutorial is easy to follow with clear directions and PICTURES (yay!), which is defintely helpful since making one of these beauties is a little more technical (literally) than other projects I typically delve into.  But in my opinion, it's totally worith it :)

DIY Marquee Light
Design Sponge

Such a fun idea for a playroom, kid's room, or anywhere!  I personally would love a letter in the kitchen, entry, or living room :)  Anywhere you put it you are sure to make a stylish statement.

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