Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Dolce Villa is a full service Design Team, with trained and talented professionals on hand to get the job done well and at an extremely affordable cost (lowest rates in the state)!  With our own staff of Carpenters, painters, and other laborers, we don't have to contract each of these jobs out and pay the premium to do so.  We're a packaged deal, with reliable, trustworthy, and friendly employees.  We have specifically structured our business so that we are able to oppoerate very economically, for the sole purpose of saving our clients money.  There is no need to spend too much for a job that can be done for far less.  In this regard, you get much more than you pay for!
As the owner and lead designer, I work with each client individually to solve their design dilemmas and fully understand the aesthtic you love, so that I can create options for you to pick from that are hand selected especially for you.  I even take your personal style, hobbies, and interest in to account when choosing looks and finishing touches, so that the room, or your entire home, is a true reflection of who you are.

In today's market, homeowners are either looking to upgrade their homes to enjoy and stay in them longer, or to sell their home with the added apeal of a new look that the competetors don't have.  We work with both types of clients and have a wealth of knowledge in current trends as well as looks that appeal to the general public best, and are not too taste specific.  We are well connected in the real estate world, which keeps us in the know of what buyers are specifically looking for in home aesthetics, as well as what cosmetic changes sellers benefit most from. 

You can now have the home you've wanted and waited for, or one buyers are lookign for, with designer touches you never thought were possible! 
La Dolce Villa is Innovative Interior Design   

We're visual people, so you can expect visual tools from us to help you decide what options for change in your home you like best.  Among these are:

-Large Variety of Wood Finishes in Natural tones as well as Contemporary Colors

-Detailed floor plan layouts in the exact layout of the room(s) in your home , with furniture layout opitions

-'Vision Boards' made just for you to get a feel for a room's overall look and feel


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