Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feather Your Bedroom Nest

I am so excited to be working with a fun couple in Lone Tree with the most adorable 1 year old daughter :).  Having my own toddlers at home, I know how important and deserved, any amount of sleep is (even if it's just a couple hours nightly)!  Making the most out of that precious little time is EVERYTHING, which is why a luxurious, retreat style setting, with high end hotel-like bedding is a top priority.  This is just what Jason and Lisa are getting in their redesigned master suite we're working on.  Below is the vision board I put together as the jumping off point for the room's aesthetic.

 The color scheme is espresso brown, bright white, with chrome/silver accents.  The look will be timeless, contemporary chic, with some focus on textures.  One priority in this project is the bedding.  This couple will be dreaming in all down...feathers that is.  With a new feather bed, high thread count sateen sheets, and the most marshmellowy like duvet we can get, nothing could be more inviting at the end of a day!  Not to mention the clean and crisp look it will be one they won't grown tired of any time soon, and keeping it looking brand new/clean is super easy..just bleach it when washing! Picking out down products (pillows, featherbeds, or duvets), isn't as simple as it seems, and since they vary so widely in price, it makes it all the more confusing.  Well, I'm about the make the process so much simpler and help you sleep better at night! The truth is, quality of down products is as much varied as the prices are online...the price does not always determine the quality level (this is true with just about everything your shopping for), but it does have some reflection of what's packed inside and how it was packed.  Here are the 3 things I've narrowed it down to in order to make the best purchase:

  I've learned more than I ever thought I needed to know when it comes to this fabulous type of bedding.  What I was most surprised about was that in the less/least expensive down comforters and feather beds, at best they have what is phrased as 'down top' and other variations on the same idea.  Sure this seems nice, I mean you're looking for a down feather bed to top our mattress or a duvet to top you..right?  That is the plan, but a down top means that just a thin (probably fairly sparse) layer of the feathers are actually down feathers, what lies beneath that is..well..water foul feathers..which to mean seems just..uh..foul!  It's not just that water foul feathers are the bottom barrel feathers (or should I say, bottom of the coop),  but they usually (pretty much always), have sharp quills, which undoubtably will poke through the duvet, feather, bed, or pillow, and is pretty much the opposite feel of comfort you were shopping for in the first place.  This brings me to another 'must have', which is 300 thread count cover.  Anything less than this will cause feathers, quills, what-have-you to sneak out and end up all over your room.  Before you know it, you'll be left with some cheap sheeting with a few foul feathers inside!  Lastly, baffled sewn through detailing is imperative since it creates cushy little boxes of feather filling that will stay there and keep the overall shape of the bedding. A lot of products will say that it's baffled, but it won't say that it's sewn through, which means it's not.  The feathers will shift all over the place and will quickly turn what once seemed 'luxe' to 'lumpy'.  Same goes with 'chaneled' sewn..no go on that style either.
I really LOVE a good deal, but know that a good deal isn't always the cheapest one.  If your down products contain ALL of the above three specifications,  you are getting a great deal in that it will be bedding you own and absolutely love for years and years, instead of weeks or months.  Replacing the purchase several times over always adds to be much more expensive, than the better quality item(s) were in the first place.  So shop and shop (probably best online) for down bedding to find the best price on items with all three qualifications.  Comparing cost of the same item on this will be a win/win..and you will be sleeping pretty!


  1. Hi Amanda, I'm Milena, we were going to meet today, remember? :) I really like this set...! I'm actually working on some ideas for my bedroom...
    Cant wait to show ya!


  2. I Milena! I am so excited to work with you and see what you have to show me :)