Monday, October 10, 2011

Sittn' Pretty

I wrote a short while back about a wonderful couple I have the pleasure of working with in their new home, where we've been working with one of my favorite aesthetics..French Provincial.   Here's a flashback of the original mood board:

The design planning has been unfolding in their living and dining room, which are fairly open areas in the front of the home that you walk into from the entry.  Along with some of the furniture in the living room (coffee and side tables, sofa, corner accent chair), the dining table and chairs have been completed.  In the next few days I will post pics of that dining room..I know, I know, teasers are lame!  It's all about wanting to see it right now...At least that's how I feel :)  But I won't leave you hanging without some great preview shots of 2 of the chairs I finished last week, which I now have a personal obsession with!  It was hard parting with them, but they look even better in Erin and Jason's dining room than they do in the pictures I took of them below which is in a room in my home

These chairs had GREAT 'bones' to them and the cushioning was in incredible condition.  My guess is they were once in a dining room that was rarely used and were probably not ever owned by anyone other than the original people who bought them.  I rarely see chairs this old with upholstry/cushioning that well kept!  However with that being said, they were horribly outdated and had much better things in store for them!  Here is their humble begining 'before' shot:

This was like a Cinderalla story of chairs!  I just love a happy ending...which will be their place at a beautiful table setting with other like-styled seating, in a well designed setting :)  More to come.... 

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