Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brown Paper Packages...

When it comes to gifting, for me it's not just about what's on the inside that counts.  In fact, I think I spend more time preparing the way it's wrapped than I do actually shopping for the gift itself!  I love the presentation factor and as mentioned in a few posts back, i'm weak when it comes to anything well packaged in a store..regardless what the product is.  I LOVE masterfully marketed stuff.  I'm pretty sure i've wasted a lot of money on well presented crap.  But when my husband starts complaining about it, I just let him know that all is not lost, great design inspiration comes from it and i'm sure i'll find some resourceful way to make use of the ridiculously overpriced chocolate, or soap, bath salts, and butter!  These seem to be the types of things I find well wrapped up with pretty papers and bows :)  For example:

I walk into a retail space sometimes not knowing that I needed suckers or some whoopie pies...until I see these beauties...and then I think, sure..why not?!

This is especially the case in just about any type of boutique anywhere, and TJ Maxx stores...loads and LOADS of packaged stuff overstock from major department stores and manufacturers.  I don't mind that the once edible contents inside my be stale and outdated or broken... It's all about the branding on the outside, which to me boosts the value of what's on the inside.  I understand that there are much savvier shoppers than I, who don't fall victim to such ploys...we all have our guilty pleasures though ;)
Taking this well wrapped idea, we can apply it to much more personally constructive (and less frivilous), avenues.  The overpriced obsession I have has inspired a great deal of creativity when it comes to birthday, Christmas, or 'just because', gift giving..actually gift wrapping opportunities.  This does not have to be an expensive endeavor, it's all about decorating the outside, being resourceful, ingenuitive, and even personal, more than it is about adding a lot of cost to the gift and blowing your budget you had for the item in the first place.

I consider it a gift within a gift!  It enhances the overall experience and makes receiving the item all the more exciting and enjoyable.  Who dosn't like a little (or a lot) of eye candy?!  These are some of my favorite inexpensive ideas present a package with major pizazz:

Quick Video Tutorial on how to Make these Adorable Yarn Pom Poms!  
This is not me..Full credit Goes to "Art of Crochet by Teresa". 
Super Simple and Easy to Follow Step-by-Step:

The other side to gifting this flashy way, shows the recipient that you went to extra effort to make it special for that person.  This sentiment is often not lost on the receiving end (as long as they are at least 12+ years old) :).

On a grander scale, consider your home or business the packaging, and the people inside are the gift!  A well appointed space adds to the overall experience of all those who enter, exponentially.  In a business sense, aren't you more likely to buy a random unnecessary item in a beautiful boutique setting like this?

A lot of people want to be part of the overall experience they are surrounded by.  Purchasing a service or merchandise from a space that it visually intriguing, often gives that person a piece of that feeling they experienced that they can take with them.  Our 5 senses are key in productive design.  Obviously, sight is the most important, so give the guests to your home and/or business something to feast their eyes on.  A space with just enough details and a look that is not expected, or predictable.  It's much more exciting to walk into an area that has an overall look that most couldn't even imagine and is not a replicated look from page 16 of 'that' catalog.  This also leaves a mark in their memories, which helps with them spreading the word about your space, and remembering who you or your business are. 

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