Saturday, January 28, 2012

Built-Ins on a Budget

There is no mistake in the title of this really can have built in entertainment centers, libraries, etc..on a 'b' word..BUDGET!  We make it possible and beyond beautiful within even the most modest of budgets.  Everyone deserves a home they love and are proud of, with architectural elements that are as functional as they are fabulous.  There is also no sacrifice in quality either, we're talking real wood from real trees, not laminate or other artificial imitations.
I like things with substance, style, and class..both in design and in people :).  Which is why in many of my design plans I work in at least some kind of magnificent milwork.  To me a space exudes these aforementioned qualities once it's completed with creative carpentry.   If there is even a remote possibility that there can be a shelving unit or library, I am all about making it part of the plan!   

With my caviar taste on a peanut butter budget, I was faced with the dilemma of how to get a house that trumps the rest, without the exorbitant rate it typically costs to get it.  So I rounded the troupes, putting the A-team together consisting of graduates in Architecture and skilled carpentry craftsmen.   I conceptualize style and purpose of the structure, sketch it out, then pass it on the professionals to bring it to life!  It was like magic..what once was on paper was now a reality in a room!  

 Best part was, money was still left over to fill the whole thing up with gorgeous goodies!  A LOT of books are needed to get a library wall fully filled in..however, a lot of money is not a requirement.  Total cost for all those books in the library pictured above was under $50...seriously.

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