Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Not Wainscot?!

What looks better on your walls than wainscoting?!  It's a timeless look that has been around since the 17th century and is still going strong today.  That's a long lasting style in my book and a safe route to take in your own home.  So if you're the type that fears change for the possibility of it ending up looking dated too soon, this is the updated your walls are begging for!  With so many styles of this type of paneling to choose from, first consider the overall feel of your home you would like to represent.  In a moment I will describe the different types of wainscoting and the decor styles they best correspond with.  Until then, lets take a look at why wainscoting is even in existence and the historical significance of it.  According to the holy grail of online knowledge..Wikipedia..The original purpose of wainscoting was to cover the lower part of walls, because homes were constructed poorly and were often affected by rising dampness in the walls. Today, wainscoting is decorative of course and I certainly advise against it not be used to cover up damp walls where mold will be growing!  ...That's not exactly the decorative wall treatment anyone wants :) 

Wainscoting began in the 17th century and was pretty much always floor to ceiling (this is still my fave), in the 18th century it changed to various heights on the wall, most popular being 3-5feet high.  This is when the chair rail became a hit (typically at a 3ft height).  Everyone has an opinion on chair rails it seems like, since this is my blog I am going to freely share mine!  I'm not a fan of a traditional 3ft high chair rail, that to me seems dated.  I like 5ft or higher.  But who knows, maybe in a few years the 5ft will feel like the 3 ft does to me now?!  At the end of the decorating day, if you like the 3ft, 5 ft, or all the way to the ceiling, go with what you love most because they are all in style and will always be in style.  So it's a personal preference and a win/win decision.

Wall Paneled: this is where the wall itself is smoothed out (skim coated) and used as the 'back board' look of the paneling, so it's painted the same color as the raised wood rails.  It's the most inexpensive route to take, but is also fairly versatile.  This could easily be used in any area of the home.
Flat Panel/Board and Batten: A thin wood is paneled on the walls (this is the board part of 'board and batten'), with raised wood rails attached to the surface of it and evenly spaced out (batten).  This is also versatile for use in any space.  One way we like to use this style is in a slightly more contemporary approach by placing the wood rails in a the pattern of a grid. Of all the wainscot styles, this one and the wall paneled version, are the more casual options. Flat panel wainscoting is also referred to as shaker style. 

Beaded Panel/Beadboard: This is when thin lines are grooved out of the board.  Bead board can be used as the backboard in the board and batten style paneling, or can stand alone as it's own style.  It works well as a wall covering (best up to 5 ft tall), but can also be a good look in a kitchen,bath, or laundry as a counter backsplash.

Raised Panel:  This is a favorite of mine and is also the most traditional version, although it can be used with just about any interior style.  Raised paneling mimics the design on most interior doors, but the pattern potential is pretty much limitless.  It's a dramatic, yet timeless look to take it all the way up to the ceiling, my fave, or can also be in a 3ft-5ft height, trimmed out with crown molding.

As a full service interior design team, La Dolce Villa has talented carpenters and milworkers on staff, who can get the job done beyond your expectations and for much, MUCH less than you would ever think was possible.  Phil, who leads the carpentry portion of our team, has a college degree in Architecture, several years of experience trained under the best, and a true passion for his craft.  All of this shows in the incredible end result of any style of wainscoting, built ins, etc.  Because our craftsmen are in house employees, we are able to design, build, and finish the work for unbelievably low rates not offered by any other trained professionals.  We believe that everyone deserve a home they truly love, with a level of style and unique design that only we can provide, regardless of budget limitations.  As a company, our main goal is to design, plan, and execute high end design at a below average rate.  Our formula to do so works and our results show it.  

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