Sunday, May 1, 2011

Earth toned-eclectic-old world style

  To say that someone only has 1 style is like saying a person's mood never changes.  I go from liking earth tone browns and greens to painting a desk bright purple.  I love old world, big, heavy pieces full of character and simple small new pieces.  I typically stay close to earth tones but like adding color in accents.  I love the idea of taking a person's trash (literally) and turning it into one of my favorite pieces.  But don't get me wrong...I LOVE shopping and buying new (yes new from the store) pieces of furniture, accents pieces and clothes!  But I do have to say that my favorite pieces are the steals and freebies that I have found over time. 

  My current loves are a mix of earth tone-eclectic-old world everything!  I am obsessed with pieces that are heavily carved (like the post below) with big, chunky hardware.  When it comes to the hardware the bigger and heavier the better. Another new obsession of mine is deep cobalt blue.  I noticed one of my potting pots on my back deck and have fallen in love with its color.  This color can add an eclectic flair to a room without
being obnoxiously bright.  Side note:  I actually don't care for very bright colors, ask my mom.  She says the only color I wear is black, which is semi true...I wear white too!  Here is an example of my current likes.  Beware as they could change within a matter of days!

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