Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{DAY 2} Festive Flair

Yesterday was about the adult's table so today we're going to take a turn to toddler and tween town and share our fave ideas for their table!  Not everyone may have a separate table for the short set in the group, instead opting for an all in one family table.  Several of these ideas would work in that scenario as well, or can be used on an all adult table too (who says it has to be all formal and stiff?)!  However, in my family, there is absolute need for a kids' table since there are sooooo many kids on each side of the family, including the three crazy ones I 'bring to the table'...pun totally intended ;). 

This first kids' table is very dreamy, but I realize it's not all that practical for most of us :)  I REALLY love the idea of this. I think i'll consider getting my Paul Bunion on and collect the wood in time for a fun spring soiree :)

In my opinion, it's a must to cover the kids' table in brown paper (reverse side of shopping sacks perhaps?), or butcher paper.  This gives them a creative (and hopefully) quiet outlet to during dinner time, and the look kind of just goes with the Thanksgiving feel anyway, right?!..I love a purposeful chic element!  Once the table is covered, start layering it with all kinds of fun (interactive) decor pieces.  These are two our faves...

These next two are GREAT printable resources to give the kids.  
Done and done!
Thanksgiving Printables for Kids
More FREE Kid's Printables


  1. lovely post...!! super cute... cant wait for christmas :)


  2. Thanks Milena! We have some FABULOUS ideas coming up very soon for decking your halls like no other :)