Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My British Invasion

One of my many design style obessions as of late is all things British...it's just Brilliant!  I do need to make the point however, that my love for the London look took root before the royal wedding.... Although it's not new that cutlural events are large contributors to the latests trends in fashion and home, I like to consider myself a little innovative-creative on occasion with my interor ideas.  Most ideas I come up with are based from my own inspirations, not those mass-produced ideas that are fed to us through all types of media, that are two seconds away from being seen on the shelves at Wal-Mart.  Moving right along... So what was the spark of this aesthetic for me? I wish I could put my finger on one particular thing, but this one was more like a bunch of little sparks that ignited a fire!  

First..who dosn't love the idea of anything Royal...I mean hello fairytale!  But I much prefer the look and 'regal royal' as opposed to 'pink princess'.
Second.."Bridget Jones' Diary", "About a Boy", "Love Actually", "Knotting Hill"...the list goes on and on...ending with "Absolutely Fabulous"... My personal Emmy Award list of English movies/shows...LOVE!
Third..I can't get enough of an English accent (unless it's coming from Madonna)..everything sounds better/smarter when said with such a tone, even curse words sound intelligent!
Fianlly..my family roots on both sides are from England :)
(Not included on the list is English food..bland and uninteresting by taste, but some of the names on the other hand are not so much..like "spotted dick"..a very popular UK desert..)

So with that partial list of inspiring ideas that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it brought about a lot of visual ways to show that through interiors of course (my brain is wired weird like that)..  Some of my favorite eye candy on this style...


First room I plan to add some Union Jack to is my 5yr old son's.  I had already decided I wanted a nautical feel to his space, but not with sailboats and such, more of a vintage approach that would withstand the test of time and changing ages/interest.  I'm anti-theme, pro-mood/feel, although in my.  This is the vision board I put together for his design plan (in which I am a mean mom probably because I gave him no say in the matter...he'll probably either love it, or just not care either way)

A lot of my style obsessions will occasionally manifest themselves through our La Dolce Villa retail pieces...I just can resist sometimes when given a blank canvas and more ideas than time!  This was obviously the case with our fab Union Jack dresser/chest:

You may have asked yourself, "Well what is it, a dresser or a chest?!".. We've decided to give it the combo name since's it's taller than a standard chest (like a hope chest), but not quite the full height of a long or tall dresser.  It also as the added use option as a bench!  If you are very space challenged in your living area, you could add more function to it and put your TV on it as well.  Basically, this British-Inspired piece has a lot of bang for it's buck and endless style appeal.      

One Great thing Always Leads to Another....

For me, London will be calling for a while when it comes to my home decor, but it can easily evolve (like all great design) every other month or so, when i'm ready for a visual update in my space.  What's on my mind for that next step?...  An equestiran style flair that derived a little bit from the british feel i've been loving.  The look for this is sort of like London mixed with Scottland, then thrown accross 'the pond' to the east coast where it lands in The Hamptons.  Makes sense, right? :)  Here's a very subtle sneek peak:

..Unitl then, enjoy yourself some spotted dick desert with tea...

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