Sunday, November 27, 2011

More WOW for your Walls!

Just like in the Fashion Industry, trends in interiors are constantly evolving with new products and ideas introduced to the market, and what's old is new again.  This is what keeps me as a designer on my toes and causes my design style to change constantly, while still maintaining my signature aesthetic.  I love the latest and greatest when it comes to most anything, especially when what's new is a fresh take on something old (hence our original furniture pieces)!  One trend that has surfaced over the past several months (and is gaining more momentum now than ever) is Wallpaper.  It was an outdated trend, but luckily for all us pattern-loving people it's now been fabulously updated!  Take a look at these swanky spaces....

Liquid Metallic Wallpaper by Crezana!...YES!            


Wrting on the Wall
Murano Glass Bead Wallpaper!!! 

Glittered walls??!!  I NEED YOU like Oxygen!  Such a beautiful dream come true!

Typology Wallpaper by Wall &Deco

Not just the look of wallpaper has been reinvented, but the quality of it, especially when it comes to it's application.  If you are a DIY'er you're going to love this latest trend and advancement to what's behind the pattern and how to hang and remove these pretty papers.  It's all about the 'Self-Adhesive' wallpapers now.  Yes!  No more back breaking, sticky, time consuming, nightmare when you are ready to change up the wall and tear the stuff down! YAY!!!  One company who specializes in self sticking papers market is Tempaper.  Self adhesive wallpapers are like glorified contact paper, or massive vinyl decals (only in application, not quality, since the outer finish is like traditional wall paper).   Take a looksy at these 8 colors/patterns Tempaper currently offers:

They are not for the shy guy (or girl)!  But because these surely pack a design punch, it's quite convenient that you don't have to fret over their permanancy,  Slap some up in a niche, on an accent wall, backsplash, etc. then simply pull it off when you grow tired of it!  I would definitely re-apply the removed paper to the original paper backing for later use.  That's 'green' to me :)!  Quick side note... speaking of the aformentioned vinyl decals..sad to say..they are on their way out..well actually...they're just out.  Luckily, they are easy to remove without tearing up your walls! 
My all time favorite sources for stylish wallpapers is Bloompapers.  This is a MUST checkout!  Here are some samples of what i'm talking about :)


I told you so! L-O-V-E!!!!

Wallpaper is not the only new options for decking those walls out.. we're seeing a lot of painted patterns, typography, painted wall treatments again (new faux..not so much of the sponging variety..).  Basically, if it can be painted on the wall, it's posh.  I like that this trend is much more authentic than it's vinyl prediseter.  It's not just wall art, it's complete artisan walls with A LOT of 'WOW'!

This next wall idea isn't for everyone, but i'm drawn to it because I love nail head trim.  I think this would work well in a den or a small room.  We would LOVE  to hear your thoughts on nail head walls, is it a 'DO' or a 'DON'T '?..Even if not for your home do you think it's too much or tastefully unique?

Just like in all things trendy, you're best not to jump on the bandwagon of all the latest.  I like to infuse the latest in to all my spaces both commercial areas and home interiors, in key spots here and there, only using those trends that are most relavent to it's surroundings and purpose.  Pick an idea that blends well with the existing look and does not look too forced.  Nobody likes to see a grandma wearing teenager clothing....

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