Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Shopping Soiree!!!

This is my kind of math:  

What do you get when you have 25% element of surprise + 25% limited time frame + 25% ALL High end Artisan Decor - ridiculous pricing + 25% Limited Quantity - Long Lines and Women Thrown' Elbows'?....
You get a big fat fabulous that = a 100% one of a kind online shopping soiree at Joss & Main!

Sure, there are a lot of these limited time offering sites for fashion and home decor with great curated collections, BUT what I have to honestly say (just between us as friends :) ) ...is that the items offered at Joss & Main are always stuff you are really going to freak for and totally want in your home to make the neighbors jealous!

Once the latest offerings draw you in and you are already super excited..you notice the sale price and nearly have a 'happy' heart attack!  Seriously, such great deals you don't want to miss.  It's about that time..love it or loath it..to get going on Santa's list, so if you want to be a gift giving goddess with amazing items to treat your mother in law, friend, boss, or sister with (they even have awesome stuff for the males in your life and kiddos too!) ... head no further than your sofa and click on to Joss & Main, and get the job done!
{SPECIAL PROMO just for La Dolce Villa Fans}

I would NEVER want to mislead you to a shopping spot that couldn't live up to the hype! the 'Joss' hasn't disappointed me and I am sure you'll be hooked quick soon too (don't say I didn't warn you)   If nothing else, it's always fun to window shop there from the comfort of your jammies, and you'll keep up to date on decor.

**Joss & Main is a 'Member's Only' kind of place, so click the link below and get signed up FOR FREE in a matter a few seconds. This is a referral link from us at LDV, which gives you some street cred over there on the corner of Joss & Main...

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