Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gallery of Gallery Walls

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am obsessed with gallery walls....  Whew!  That sure feels good to get off my chest!  I just finished 2 gallery walls in my home over the last couple days.  However, now I really can't stop looking at the rest of the walls in my house without irrisistable configurations of frames and collections of cutesy crap coming to mind that I just HAAAAVE to put up!  First it was my patterened wall obsession, which currently occupies a few walls, I forced myself to stop while I was ahead there... but now it's the galleries....ugh! Seems like such a waste to let great wall ideas go unused when there are so many other walls that need some love :( 
Below are my 2 galleries..and if your wondering what exactly I am framing or displaying on the TV wall gallery, well.. there were pics in those frames while I had them all layed out on the floor when I put the design plan together.  Then my twins locked me out of the house and in the 45 mins or so it took me to figure out a way to get back in, they had dismantled the frames, removed the photos, tore them to shreds, then ran around the house with the mattings around their wastes pretending they were swimming intertubes....  I appreciate their creativity and way they also like to repurpose things ;)

At what point is enough really enough?  I know everyone's taste is different, styles vary widely, clutter is in the eye of the beholder ;)...  I love the idea of random things throughout a space that catch the eye and are visually interesting, but I am afraid of taking that idea and going way too far with it.  The eye-catching conversation piece would be more "pieces" rather than a singular item, and it would be more of an 'eye assault' than eye catching, and 'shouting' instead of conversation over the piece(s).  I can't let this happen, it would be total design tragety and my neighbors would be calling the producers of Hoarders.  So for now, i've started and stopped with these two gallery walls.  But I still have a whole second floor of the home to go!  I'm thinking I could probably get away with one up there (maybe in the bedroom hallway???) since by the time you get upstairs you may have already forgotten what you saw downstairs, so a third gallery wouldn't seem at all like over kill..right?  This is probably the "bargaining" stage of my denial and addiction to wall design :( 
How many gallery walls do you have in your home, or how many would you like to have?  Do you have any self-imposed rules or limitations to when enough wall stuff is enough?  I would LOOOOVE to hear from you on this!  Please feel free to comment here or join me on Facebook (LaDolceVilla is my user name) and post on my wall about this :)  Thanks in advance for your help, support, and opinions on this habbit I have within my little habitat here....

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