Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Inspiration

I have had furniture hunting fortune lately and as a result have a work space completely stocked with vintage case goods ready for re-do's and their BIG debuts!  I often times get inspired just by looking at each piece as to what I would like them to become, but what's a girl to do with so many perfect pieces and endless thoughts of design possibilities and not knowing where to start but wanting to start RIGHT NOW!!??  This is where I was at mentally last week.. but being a creative left-brainer, I of course didn't consider organizing these thoughts/ideas into neat little design I should have.  Being super excited to jump right in with some fancy new paint I had purchased recently and the first idea that was in the forefront of my imagination, I through all caution and responsibility to the wind and went right for it!   ...Bad I quickly learned. The nagging annoying phrase that I heard WAY too much all through my childhood, "if the fail to plan, you plan to fail", reared it's ugly head right at the same time frustration set in.  Ugh!  Of course!  So I stood there in the hangover of so many great ideas, with paint splattered about, new gym shorts destroyed as part of the collateral damage, and that annoying phrase swirling around in my head like a marque...where my fabulous visions of beautiful/impeccable furniture finishes once were.  Then I went back inside my house and started to work more on the 4 different design projects-in-process I have going on that were at least going right!  All this by the way drives my husband nuts, it's for sure design OD, but for me works really well when I need a distraction from a design disaster I just created!  Here is what I did acctually end up accomplishing that day:

Anyway, back to the aformentioned furniture fail... I decided it was time to do what I know I should have done and I got to planning it out really well this time so that not only would I not ruin a second run at the same piece, but maybe it would turn out to be one of my best yet!  I selected a different look and finish that I had thought of before, but chose against it the first time.  With it fresh on my brain and picking up creative and colorful momentum, I put this visual design plan together:  (my version of planning since at least it's pretty!)

All of this will more or less come together to give the armoire/hutch a new..but older looking.. life.  You'll have to wait a few days for the results, but I'm so excited to share!  Stay tuned to see how this pictured board translates into an amazing piece of furniture!

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