Monday, July 11, 2011

At Last! ..The Atlantis Armoire has Arrived!

A couple posts ago I talked about my inspiration for an upcoming piece of furniture.  This was the 'Inspiration Board" I created to design the look around:

This board has gone from an idea and collection of pictures, somewhat inspired by what I like to call "rusty gold", and the irrisistable color attraction I have to all shades of this awesome multi-purpose armoire/hutch:

In my mind, all pieces of furniture have personality, or at least they should... so I like to give them descriptive names to reflect their style. According to legend, "Atlantis" was an island in the Atlantic ocean that Plato said was swallowed by an earthquake. It's also used as a word to describe a fictitious, mythical, or imaginary place.  Both meanings/theories on the word seemed very appropriate to the aesthetical feel this piece has.  The shade of teal is reminiscent of the color of warm beach water, not any beach of course, one so perfect that it could only be in an imaginary place :)  I imagine that this hutch probably held treasures, hiding them for centuries..which is probably why there are very subtle copper/gold metallic undertones which barely peek through the wood and teal tone that the weather wore away. 

Now, lucky for you (if you live in Colorado) this piece itself has become the treasure and would be the perfect conversation piece to make a statement anywhere in your home!  It's a verstaile accent piece, which at 38.5" wide, 20.5" deep, and 43" tall, is large enough in size to serve many purposes throughout your space. 

The Atlantis Armoire is for sale for $285. 
It's made of real and solid dark wood, has two shelves inside as well as a large open area beneath the shelves for ample storage.  In addition to the interior storage, there are 2 long pull out drawers in the front of this hutch. 
*Delivery is available for locations between Downtown Denver and Monument, for a small fee of $15.  Otherwise pick up is preferrable, we're located in Castle Rock.  Please call/text/e-mail/or Facebook with any questions! (Contact information provided below)

Phone for calls and Texts: (720)315-3936
E-Mail: or here through this blog
Facebook name: LaDolceVilla

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