Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Dolce for your Villa!

Lets take a quick trip, shall we??  We're starting China, where we find this dresser/sideboard and decide to name it the "Shangri-chic"..since we're in Shangri La afterall :) 

 Who can deny the awesome hardware on this thing!  This is my favorite part, full of character and detail, havy looking, and a rare find.  The hardware is so unique and makes a statement in an of itself that I thought it would be best to do the redesign to accommodate it, not compete with it.  This piece was also a custom order for a client, Sara, who is in the process of staging her home to go on the market.  She needed to fill a big spot in her dining room, but also wanted a piece of furniture she could take with her to her next home and would fit in there as well.  Sara's style is warm/rustic and the hardware (chandalier) in the dining room is dark oil rubbed bronze.  So the 'Shangri-chic' was made to fit in with the scene there, but is also so versatile that it can fit with not only a variety of home color schemes, but styles as well.  It can be mountain luxe, tuscan cool, Asian persuasian, traditional, country... you get the point :).  Not to mention that it has multiple personalities, which in my biz is a BIG plus!  The "Shangri-Chic" works as well in a kitchen as it does in a bedroom, or anywhere else in the home or office.  So, umm... can you believe that Sara scored this hot piece for just...ahem.. $255! I know, right?!  Sara is a facebook follower (she selected "like" on our page LaDolceVilla) so she got the hook up and she will on every order after too!

 Okay, fasten your seatbelts!  We're heading to France!  In the French countryside, we stumble upon this lovely sight for sore eyes...

 "The Provincial" has been very well loved in a home where the wine is sweet and the crusty bread is perfect and warm.  It's been the centerpiece of many fabulous soirees.  It has royal roots, which is evident in the massive estate we rescued it from.  The curvacious feminine lines make many girls jealous, as does the sweet, but substantial demeanor it has.  Each drawer has an aged silver backplate, with french calligraphy scribed on them, indicated the drawer number one through nine.  I would be remiss if I didn't give some special attention to the detail on the dark staind top of this piece.  There you will find a handpainted design in various shades of silver, gold, and ivory. 

It's stylish while still being timeless, so the look of this piece will still be relevant years from now as the day you bring it home.  Also, there are NINE drawers on this one...whoa storage possibilities!  If the Provinicial were staying in my Dolce Villa, I would cram the drawers full of all the random stuff that is laying around that I need to hurry and hide before guests come over....and I would probably need all 9 drawers for that!  
"The Provincial" is for sale!  It can be you'rs for only $256 (that is a whopping, $29 OFF the regular price of $285, for just selecting "like" on our LaDolceVilla facebook page).  You don't have to be a FB follower to purchase, it's $285 for non-followers.  So, go get a touch of a tan and tell your friends you just returned from a vaca to France and you brought this piece back with you!   You're so Tres Chic!

To Purchase, Contact Us!

La Dolce Villa
Texts/Calls: (720) 315-3936
Facebook User: LaDolceVilla
Orders are on a first come/first serve basis.  Pick up (in Castle Rock) or Delivery for a $15 fee anywhere from Westminster to Monument (and everywhere in between).  Like this but want it slightly different?  We customize for no additional cost!  If your intrested in that or any other custom request, let's talk!

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