Saturday, May 7, 2011

And the highest bidder is......

  A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Quinney for being the highest bidders on the La Dolce Villa Coffee Table at NDPA's Art Auction!  They were not going to let this table go.  They had a close eye on this table all night and made sure they were the last bidders of the evening....I secretly saw a semi-bidding war the last 2 minutes of silent auction.  Good news for us is they asked us to redo their current entertainment center to match the table. 
  Now back to the auction...The entire auction was a huge success with so many AMAZING pieces of art!  I know it took many "Mom" hours to have made it such a huge success.  So a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of them.  It was a great night for a great cause and we are so happy we were able to be part of it.  

From left to Right: Mrs.Quinney, 'Squinney', Haley @ the Art Auction


   Below is a picture of what it looked like before we put our magical hands on it and before you judge too harshly, listen to it's history.  The previous owner's father used to work in a very well-known (I don't drop names...for free at least) department store over 60 years ago.  The table used to be a display table and when the store decided to update all the furniture in the store, the employees had the chance to buy them.  The man purchased three of these tables and just threw them in his garage and used them to store paint and oil cans on.  His daughter decided to give them a better life.  The solid oak tables have two drawers (missing in the pic but we had it) which were hand carved and dove-tailed.  They definitely don't make furniture like this anymore.  It even withstood falling out of the back of my SUV!  Not this exact one though! 

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