Thursday, May 5, 2011


The wonder people at La Dolce Villa were generous enough to donate a unique, 100% original indoor/outdoor coffee table to the best school in town, North Davis Preparatory Academy. Their annual Art Auction is one of two fundraisers and last year they raised $15,000!

For a "few" nickles and pennies ($25) you can get a great meal, support an amazing Spanish Academy and have a chance to get an original La Dolce Villa piece. All the money raised from the auction goes DIRECTLY to the school! If you are "that" last minute person you can try your luck and email for ticket availability. BTW...Did I mention this is for adults only?!!! What parent doesn't want a night with their significant other, dinner, entertainment, booze and all for a good cause? Keep it in mind!

NDPA Art Auction
Davis Conference Center
May 6, 2011
Dinner served at 6:00pm and auction ends at 8:00pm

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