Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sold! Refined Rustic Dresser. Wait List Details

The "Refined Rustic Dresser" was another HUGE hit, selling out in less than 12 hours!  Thank you to all those who responded by contacting us with your immediate interest.  We're sooooo flattered by the response to it, all you daaaarrrrlings are oh so very lovely!  Well, we've got some great 411 for anyone who wanted this piece or other past sell outs..we have several more dressers where these one came from!  The Refined Rustic style will be available AGAIN both in Colorado and Utah within the month of June.  For sure one in each state, but possibly more. 
So, here's the deal.. we compile a waiting list of interested people who would like furniture that sold out before they could get to it.  I mean all must be fair in love and design, right?  We think so :)  If a piece is gone before you get a chance to snag it up, you can choose if you would like to be added to the waiting list for another just like it.  Let's call in an "Encore" piece..if you will ;)  Being on the list will ensure a pre-sale phone call/text/e-mail/or facebook shoutout (you determine the contact method that you would like to receicve), and if you say you definitely want it we'll hold it for you for 24 hours (totally first class treatment since we never hold any item that goes on sale), and it also means you're super cool and you have bragging rights ;) Ha! Kidding!..but by all means, brag if you want to, we're cool with that too! 
So, how do you get a front row see to La Dolce Villa furniture?  We'll post (or tell you upon contact) if something has sold, you'll be disappointed :(, but have no fear my dear because we'll ask you at that point if you want to be on the list.  If you see us post on our blog or Facebook that your fave furniture just sold, contact Haley or I and let us know you would like to be wait listed.  This is the info we'll need from you for that:
 { Name }
{ Furniture piece(s)
{ Phone number and/or contact method (phone call/text/e-mail/or FB wall shout out) }
{ Shoe size... Just Kidding }

That's it!  Also, we're more than happy to customize any piece for you combining several details of furniture you've seen of ours, or maybe something totally different that would be beyond perfect for your place (hello cheetah patterned dresser)!  No extra cost for design consultation and only 50% down upon order of a custom piece.


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