Monday, May 9, 2011

Outside or In..this table is a Win!

On saturday Haley posted (below) about our awesome bid winners of the black and red coffee table..well there are 2 more tables where that one came from!  For sake of giving furniture a personality, lets say the black table is the 'vixen'...which I guess makes it somewhat fitting that the winner..who prefers to be called "Squinney"... is posing on this table as though he's a centerfold!  We love the 'drama' of the pic, thanks for going all out for it..uh..."Squinney"..!  You really know how to work the camera :)
This next table would be the counterpart to the vixen coffee table, it's her sassy sister with a softer edge.  We're open to name ideas so please feel free to add a comment to this post if you've got one!

SOLD -  This Piece is $90

We don't mess around when it comes to looking good, so you can guarantee that we've taken care of every last detail on this piece! It's professionally finished, has several layers of commercial grade protectant on it (but is not super shiney or glossy), and can withstand the elements so go ahead and use it outside or inside!
We've designed this piece to look beachy and weathered by the wind, sand, and maybe a little bit of salty ocean water.  I painted the design with a pattern inspired by what is seen in Moroccan textiles and architecture.  This table looks amazing indoors, it does not have an obvious patio piece look to it.  When inside your home it looks like it belongs there and feels especially comfortable with white, gray, or khaki color couches.  If you slipcover your sofa it will only add to the beach feel of the room, plus it's very afforadable!  Speaking of affordability, if you've never considered purchasing anything other than books and small necesseties from, you should totally look at the deals they have on sofas!  No need to be worried about the shipping price either, it's WAY less than I expected.  Why pay thousands for a Pottery Barn sofa when you can get one of the same look and quality for...are you ready for the price shocker..$377 (+$59 for shipping)!!!  Or it can ship for FREE with Amazon's "Super Saver Shipping".  That gives you more than enough spare change for the super stylish "Chair and a half".  Love it! 

For your viewing pleasure i've added some pics below of room settings that this table would totally want to be friends with.  I can definitely see the moroccan table smack dab in the middle of the green room, sort of snuggled up next to that dreamy setee (where I want to nap).  You don't have to have a beachy, moroccan, or well traveled design to your room decor to work this piece in.  Adding in the unexpected  to a room makes it interesting in there.  We're all about ecclectic decorating, and this table fits the bill.

 PS: Don't you just LOVE the unexpected ceiling decor in this last room!  So easy and HELLO soooo cheap!  Totally a sinch to make all or most of this.  All you need is some tissue paper in your room colors to make the pom pom balls Tutorial here (a la Martha Stewart): 
Then cut out some circles or any other shape, attach some string, and blammo!... you have an adorable confetti garland to toss about in the mix.  You can get other lanterns and such at a party supply store (or even the dollar store or dollar spot at target if you hit it up at just the right time).

Party Supplies is too much fun just to use on one or two occasions in a year.  Isn't Life a party anyway?  Celebrate everyday!

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