Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chalk it up to a REALLY great thing! Free Designer Chalkboards!

Follow Utah's First Fashion Forward  Home Furnishings and Design Blog... and you'll be part of the "Elite" crowd of with the Hautest Homes in town!  We'll let you in on..

and everything in between to
Refresh your Style
Renew your Home
 Make your neighbors and friends jealous thinking that you hired a pricey professional
to make your home look like Elle Decor  (but you really just used us, the girls next door)!

We have recently launched LaDolceVilla.blogspot.com to share our passion of fashionable home furnishing and we would love to kick our blogging journey off with a big time bang!  So we've decided to GIVEAWAY vintage inspired chalkboards to every 15th 'follower' that joins!  So if you are follower #45, 60, 75, 90,.. and so on you will receive a ...

Each Frame is Different and Unique, so it'll be a surprise in the mail!
It really is that simple :)  We would hate to disappoint, so you're really going to freak out when you see how C-U-T-E your chalkboard is, and you can tell the gawkers you paid a fortune for it when you were on 'vacay' in the South of France...seceret is safe with us, we totally have your back.

And we don't like to let anyone leave a soiree of OURS without a party favor, so all other followers inbetween the 15s will be entered into a drawing for

a 20% off gift certificate?!  ...OMG!   

This is a total deal since our furniture is already embarassingly low-priced (but we want to be BFF's with all of you, so we'll hook you up). 

All we ask in return is a couple seconds of your precious time to do the following:

***Fine Print: (what the guy says at the end of a commercial REALLY fast!)***
*If you really want the A-list treatment, join our feed and get our cool blogpost sent right to your e-mail..  On a silver platter from Tiffany's of course ;)

*We do so solomly pinky swear to only call you upon winning any loot we're carelessly giving away and NOT in the middle of the night or before 10am! -We need our beauty sleep too!

 *If you tell everyone you know they are now forever indebted to you for sharing your wealth of 'in the know' knowledge with them, and you reserve the right to be credited as the provider of this previed information to anyone they tell about it,..since you are the original source and therefor the most popular with the best collection of shoes and shiniest hair..thankyouverymuch.

Can you Believe it? That's it!  For Real! 


  1. what, what! looks like i was the 10th follower - does that mean i get a super cute chalkboard??!!

    Your furniture is way cute! If i didnt refinish furniture myself, i would def buy from you ;)

  2. WHAT?! This is such a cool blog! How do I see if I'm a lucky fifth follower?! I NEED one of these chalkboards for my new house!!!

  3. Yay! I think I'm number 20! Love your furniture-especially the free-hand painted pieces.

  4. Very very nice. How do I know what numbet I am

  5. So.. . . Did I make number 45? I'd love a chalk board. If I don't win, do you sell them? how much
    are they?

  6. OMG !!!!!! These are soooo cute. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  7. How awesome!! I'm follow #60! I love the vintage chalkboards!

  8. AWESOME!!! I'm number 75 :0) What do I need to do to get my chalkboard?

  9. What a great website!!! LOVE the pics!