Thursday, May 5, 2011

Farmhouse Fête

'Farmhouse' and  fête are two words you wouldn't necessarily think of using together in the same sentence, beings that 'fête' is french for "an elaborate party"..(thanks Webster!), and we all know that a farmhouse is less than elaborate.  However, leave it to us to make a place where the chickens poop ..Chic!  Haley and I love the idea of taking a humble yet charming space or piece of furniture, such as a barn or a table you would find in it..and making it something worthy of an event for the most fabulous of guests!  So we went to work and came out with a table to swoon for, even if it is umongst some swine (which in my case are my three kids under the age of 5, at every meal time...)! 

Just like we as women often do double or tripple duty (or much more on some days), we think our furniture should to.  I mean, really..what's  a girl to do when you get sick of the furniture arrangement, but still love the piece?...just live with it where it's at, wishing you could use it somewhere else in a fun new way?!  Oh no, no, no, honey...we would never suggest you suffer in silence like that!  We've come up with a handful of ways to use our farmhouse chic table and look like a total genius!  Does it get any better than that?!

I introduce you to the farmhouse kitchen island:

We're completely aware that this wouldn't necessarily work or fit into any given kitchen, but if it does, don't you just love!  We're totally having a KJM...Kitchen Jealousy Moment..BTW, we're all about the acronyms,
(we blame text messaging).  For the rest of us that don't have this option, there's more :)  How about alternating the seating around the table.  Anything goes with this piece. so mix it up and be sure not to go matchy-matchy.  A wood bench (even if it's just from your backyard picnic table), on one side of the table with a couple pillows thrown on it, paired with some slipcovered wingback chairs at each end, and a couple random chairs for the other long side, will totally get you on the pages of the home style mags!  Or you can add some metal or lucite chairs to this rustic piece for a super modern-meets-the mountains look.

Truly the best part of this table trend is that this piece it totally durable and can take a beating from the most rambuncious kids and messy these three hulligans of mine (Jett 5, Evyn & Hattie 2)
We understand that furniture needs to be low maintenance since we as women are high maitenance and we have better things to do than stress about furniture, clean it, fix it, then repeat!  So you know when you're getting a La Dolce Villa piece you're getting furniture that's been pampered to perfection along the way and protected to the gills!  Our tables have several layers of commercial grade clear coat on them so wiping them up is so easy you can give your toddler the task to do.  Also it's protected enough to withsrtand the elements, so go ahead..take it outside back to where it originally came from, and use it for your big summer soiree or even your everyday outdoor dining a la fresca! How Itallian villa would that be!  (Picture your neighbors peering through the slats in the fence, green with envy, wondering when they are going to get an invite)!

Bon Apetit!

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