Monday, May 23, 2011

Better with Age

Every farmhouse table needs it's chairs, but not just ANY chairs will do.  Enter the better-than-a-hay bale wood chairs.  Since these picture examples are of a furniture rehab I did for a client, this ladder back style chairs are not available for sale.  However, the paint style and table carving detail are of course (table shown in second set of photos).

All six seats have been realistically aged to perfection.  What you can expect is natural, non-peeling crackling in small random spots, a glaze that looks like it took years to accumulate but not dilapidated, wear that could only be worn in such a way by loving use, and longevity of this overall appeal that will outlast a lifetime.  Our love affair with the farmhouse table setting look is not secret, how we've perfected it in a way that nobody else has however is a closely guarded one.  

This table started out with a totally flat surface and in a honey wood color. 
All slats, grooves, etc. are hand carved.
One thing about these pieces I can't resist is the way they can fill any room with warmth, familiarity, and character (all characteristics I would love to exude).  Personally, I think the farmhouse table and/or chairs are best used in a non 'country kitchen' setting.  Let this 'knotty' girl and all of her fabulous farm-ie friends steal the show in a sophisticated setting.  Matching decor styles religiously throughout any space is so blaaaah boooring...*yawn*.  When decorating, think of the hypothetical question.. if you could invite any group of people (from anywhere in history and in the world) to a party, who would be on your list?  Would you want to make sure that everyone look and dress the same, think the same, and like all the same exact things?  Uh, no thanks!  You wouldn't because that would be very uninteresting, there would be no new inspiring conversation where you learn something fantastic you hadn't ever heard before walking in the front door.  You're the hostess of your home in more ways than one.  Invite an eclectic mix artful pieces into your home.  Give your eyes and every one's who enters your home, visually interesting places to land, not just one, but several throughout each space.   Here are some farmhouse table eye candy (part two I guess since I posted others a few days back)...

Do you have a table, ANY table that is made of wood that you are completely over and bored of?  Let us make "Reduniture" out of it for you (ie. re-finish, repair, and re-style).  It's the most affordable approach to a replacing a tired table, getting completely custom furniture, and the satisfaction of a room you love living in.

This humble little table has come a looooong way...

..And she lived happily ever after :)

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